Abandoned Cart Recovery For Shopify Now Includes SMS Automations

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October 21, 2021

SMS cart recovery automations are here to help Shopify merchants recover $1 billion in abandoned carts 

Today we’re celebrating three big milestones: 1) two years since we initially launched our Abandoned Cart Recovery app on Shopify 2) crossing over 100k lifetime installs, and 🥁🥁🥁 3) the release of SMS recovery automations! 

Release highlights:

  • SMS has been added to the existing lineup of push notifications and email automations. This multi-channel approach enables merchants to dramatically increase traditional abandoned cart recovery rates—up to 10x—based on different communication preferences. 
  • Fully customizable, opt-in popup templates are now available to grow your subscriber list faster and convert more visitors into paying customers—both before cart abandonment or after a cart has been abandoned. 

To date, we’ve recovered 2.3 million abandoned carts resulting in $161 million dollars in recovered sales. Today’s release marks another important milestone in our journey to help Shopify merchants recover $1 billion in abandoned carts.

Getting Started With SMS

Install Rivo’s Abandoned Cart Recovery Shopify app or login through Shopify if you already have it installed. 

Visit the Automations page where you’ll now see SMS available but turned off. If you’re not on our Pro plan, you’ll be able to start a free trial to test out SMS—in addition to many other powerful cart recovery features. 

And just like push notifications and email automations, you can fully customize each step based on the desired medium, wait time, message and [optional] discount. 

We’ve made editing SMS a breeze to help merchants build and optimize messages that convert:

Using dynamic variables such as first name, checkout URL, product images, and more provides personalization that’s proven to be more effective at recovering abandoned carts. 

Simply customize the SMS message > click save > and then turn it on to include it in your recovery campaign!

SMS Settings

Visit the Settings page and click on SMS. Here you can purchase credits and configure your SMS Settings.

We’ve given everyone $0.50 in credits to test out SMS, but because we’re charged for every message that we send on your behalf, you’ll need to purchase SMS credits to keep your messages going once the $0.50 is used up. These credits start at only $5 for 100 credits, are non-recurring fees, and can be reloaded based on your usage.

  • We've created "Quiet Hours" which will automatically disable any outbound SMS messaging between the hours that you define. If an automation triggers a message to send during these hours, it will queued to send after the Quiet Period.
  • Enter staff phone numbers that can receive admin notifications and test messages.
  • Smart sending makes sure you do not message a customer more than once in the last X hours. The minimum is 16 hours but we recommend 24 hours. This rule is automatically applied to automation messages.

Now that we’ve shown you how to enable and customiuze SMS automations, let’s show you how to get more SMS—and email—subscribers to maximize conversions…

Getting Started With Opt-in Popups

Abandoned cart visitors are eligible to receive SMS and email notifications if they opt into Shopify’s marketing consent options available at checkout: 

But to grow your list faster and increase your chances of eligibility success, we’ve launched opt-in popup templates to collect phone numbers and email address earlier on in the shopping experience—before visitors even get to your checkout page:

Optional discounts can be offered to incentivize signups and convert more visitors into paying customers. Any visitors that subscribe > add to cart > and abandoned checkout will automatically be entered into your recovery automation campaign where a series of push notifications, emails, and/or SMS messages will run on autopilot to lure them back. 

Opt-in popups combined with automated campaigns targeting shoppers’ browsers, inboxes, and cell phones can dramatically increase sales that would have otherwise been lost...

Achieving 10X Results With Push, Email & SMS

There are a lot of factors that play into “industry-standard” such as what you sell, where you sell, and how it’s priced, but the average email recovery campaign yields a 4% conversion rate. 

Our Abandoned Cart Recovery Shopify app’s multi-channel approach has delivered a 22% recovery conversion rate with some impressive outliers exceeding 40%. 

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build awesome Shopify businesses, and we’re excited to help more stores achieve “awesome” status through these new features.