Teaspressa: Redesigning a powerful loyalty program in just 24 hours

Staying on-brand was extremely important for us. We toyed with the idea of starting a rewards program for a while, but never found an app that integrated into the places we wanted it to. Rivo’s onboarding team made it seamless by helping us with the page design, and custom icons, and getting the project off the ground before our deadline
Allison Devane
CEO & Co-founder

Arizona-based Teaspressa has made a name for itself in the gourmet tea industry with its innovative flavors and commitment to excellence to its base of over 25,000 customers. Teaspressa is a sophisticated coffee lover's answer to their afternoon caffeine needs—but with tea! 🤓

With over 28,000 Instagram followers, it's clear that Teaspressa's loyal customers love the unique experience the company offers.

Allison brewed her first cup of surprisingly-delicious artisan tea in her own kitchen and knew she had created something truly special. She was so inspired that Teaspressa quickly moved from Allison's personal kitchen to a handcrafted production line in Arizona.


Redesigning and rebranding the loyalty program

Teaspressa has always been passionate about innovating and delivering a world-class gourmet tea experience for its loyal customers. After a few months of not using the Rivo Loyalty app at its full potential, the team of 9 at Teaspressa felt it was time to redesign the loyalty program to take their commitment to connect with consumers one step further.

The main goal? Redesigning a loyalty program that could seamlessly incorporate into their vibrant brand and website.


Celebrating the LoyalTEA of Teaspressa's customers

Our team took the challenge to redesign Teaspressa’s loyalty program in a week turnaround. We created a unified landing page integrated into their website that captured the essence of its brand and branded it “LoyalTEA.” With this, the LoyalTEA loyalty program was born, allowing customers to sip rewards and discounts from the very moment of signing up.

We began by conducting research on Teaspressa's brand and we realized that it’s brand deserves an engaging and fun loyalty program that matches the puns that are sprinkled throughout Teaspressa’s branding. With that in mind, we started designing the page with its colors, fonts, and playful copy.

The program’s redesign featured a new name, playful puns, unique icons and a design that seamlessly aligns with the rest of the store, providing customers with a consistent and brand-aligned experience.

“The page was awesome! I loved the graphics, the verbiage, and visuals the team at Rivo put together.”

Rivo's app simplifies the process for a small team to manage customer rewards — all features are integrated with Shopify.

Additionally, we empower our customers to connect Rivo with their existing app stack with integrations. Teaspressa leveraged its loyalty program by integrating Rivo with Klaviyo, allowing for seamless communication between the two apps, and enabling Teaspressa to utilize loyalty data in email campaigns.


A rewards program tailored to the brand, ready to capture customer loyalty

Teaspressa launched its incredible program in under a week. And the Loyalty Program has been a hit with Teaspressa’s community—customers have been actively engaging with the program to get their hands on free swag and LoyalTEA points.

With an average order value of $60, the program has not only been popular among customers but has also been beneficial to the company as it encourages customers to increase their spending at the store.

“The LoyalTEA program has allowed us to get closer to our community and recognize their loyalty, something that had always been important for us.

With a variety of ways to earn points, including leaving product reviews or engaging on social media, Teaspressa effectively mobilizes each of its customers to spread the word about its growing community. Now, customers can eagerly look forward to each new print and the points they can earn for each order, motivating them to stay engaged and continue sharing their excitement for many years to come.

In order to spread the word about their loyalty program, the Teaspressa team crafted an email that was on-brand and through Rivo’s partnership with Klavyio.

Thanks to Rivo, we increased customer engagement and retention, ultimately leading to more sales. They made it easy for us and we loved how the rewards page turned out!”

Not only have they increased customer loyalty even more with LoyalTYEA, but they've also taken their reputation as tea experts to an even higher level. Rest assured, Teaspressa isn't slacking off anytime soon — it'll be constantly finding creative ways to reward its valued customers!

The rewards are what dreams are made of — free teas and discounts on future purchases — and fans of Teaspressa just can't get enough.

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