Custom referral page for Shopify sellers by Rivo

Turn brand advocates into an acquisition channel

Get a white-labeled referral marketing program that natively matches your brand and website


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Fast-growing brands use Rivo to power their referral programs

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Create a custom referral marketing program in minutes
Fully customizable designs to match your brand and website
Tiered rewards for advocates
Strategically placed reminders throughout the shopping experience
Custom referral sharing page for Shopify sellers by Rivo
Let your existing customers help you grow with a referral program they'll actually use
Easy to share rewards for new and existing customers
Unique referral codes for each customer to email or share on social
Trusted platform for Shopify Plus sellers
Referral page data for Shopify sellers by Rivo
Find your most loyal customers with measurable referral codes
Easily track new sales and signups from your referrals program
Collect 1st party data on new customers and their network
Reward your top earners with unique offers

Fully Customizable UX

Rivo is an open platform, that seamlessly integrates onto your Shopify storefront

Full Control

You have full control over how your loyalty program is displayed on your storefront.


Drop-in widgets that encourage engagement with your program

Dedicated Pages

A fully dedicated page on your store showcasing your loyalty and referral programs


We assist the customer journey with our frictionless embeds
Custom referral page for Shopify sellers by Rivo

Powerful Backend System

Full control of your program and data at your fingertips
Shopify loyalty and rewards RIO

Program Setup

Set up and manage your programs from our simple, yet powerful interface


See actual ROI from your programs at any time. Discover where revenue is being generated

Frontend Builder

Drag and drop interfaces to build storefront pages, widgets and embeds

Customer Details

Gain insight and full visibility into your customers and their activity on your programs

Start increasing sales through your current customer base