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Upgrade your DTC Retention Stack

Rivo powers loyalty, referral and membership programs for brands like HexClad, Kitsch, Pier1, Outer Aisle, Loverboy, DYPER, Rareform, Emi Jay, Dressbarn, and over 7,000 more.

Leading brands on Shopify Plus trust Rivo to drive retention
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Increase Retention with Loyalty, Referral, & Membership Programs
A fully customizable platform built on Shopify Plus' latest tech

Loyalty & Rewards

Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers

You know what your customers want. We help you design unique programs that ensure your customers buy repeatedly.

Referral Program

Leverage brand advocates as an acquisition channel

Acquire new customers below your blended CAC & reward brand advocates.


Drive predictable revenue from your most loyal customers

Increase LTV and recurring revenue by offering exclusive benefits to paid members.

We easily connect with everyone in your tech stack

"Rivo has been a great partner to us. Beyond being a strong platform, their team is world class. Responsive, insightful, and friendly. Rivo has unlocked some awesome customer behavior for us, including a referral program that drives a $100+ higher LTV than our typical customer. They're a key retention partner for us"
Andrew Windle
Director of Retention, HexClad

How Shopify Plus brand Emi Jay increased sales 10% with Rivo

"After evaluating some of the outdated loyalty program options, Rivo was the clear winner"