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Loyalty program built for Shopify Sellers

The only loyalty platform built for Shopify

Increase AOV, drive repeat purchases, and reduce churn with a fully customizable rewards platform


From 1,520+ Shopify App Store Reviews

Fast-growing brands use Rivo to power their loyalty programs

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Increase AOV with on-page reviews for your Shopify products
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750 points
Increase engagement and repeat purchases with a points program
Fully customizable to your brand and use case
Earn points for ANY use case with our integrations
Top brands running on Shopify Plus rely on Rivo to power their points programs
Customers trust product pages with real customer reviews
Give $10, Get $10
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A fully customizable referrals program, ready for your use case and branding.
Best in-class referrals program
Features based upon millions of data points
Used by top brands running on Shopify Plus
Shopify products with real customer reviews improve checkout rates.
Paul Anderson
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Create tiers that reward your top customers with exclusive perks
Choose how you want your customers to move through the VIP Tiers.
Customize to meet your use case
Stay on brand, with full design control

Fully Customizable Frontend

Rivo is an open platform, that seamlessly integrates onto your Shopify storefront

Full Control

Gain full control over how your loyalty program is displayed on your storefront. Suit to match your brand and use case


Drop-in widgets that encourage activity for your programs. Fully customizable to stay on brand

Dedicated Pages

A fully dedicated page on your store showcasing your loyalty and referral programs


We assist the customer journey with our frictionless embeds
Example Shopify store with rewards program

Powerful Backend System

Full control of your program and data at your fingertips
Shopify loyalty and rewards RIO

Program Setup

Set up and manage your programs from our simple, yet powerful interface


See actual ROI from your programs at any time. Discover where revenue is being generated

Frontend Builder

Drag and drop interfaces to build storefront pages, widgets and embeds

Customer Details

Gain insight and full visibility into your customers and their activity on your programs.

Features that drive engagement

Offer a smooth shopping experience for your customers.
Points, Referrals VIP Tiers
With loyalty points, rewards, referrals and VIP tiers, you can build a robust loyalty program.
Dedicated Loyalty Page
Build a dedicated on-site Loyalty Page in minutes with our in-app page builder. Show your customers how your program works.
1-1 Shopify Connection
Connect seamlessly to Shopify's customers API – so customers only have to remember one account. Not 10.
30+ ways to earn points
Choose what actions your customers must take to earn points: creating an account, celebrating their birthday, following your brand's social media, etc.
Integrations and API
Integrate Rivo into the core apps you already use in your tech stack, like Klaviyo. Use Shopify Flow to connect Rivo to other apps and workflows.
24/7 Live Chat Support
Get help with your questions in minutes, not days. Our dedicated merchant success team is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn how Shopify Plus brand Emi Jay increased sales 10% with Rivo Rewards

"After evaluating some of the outdated loyalty program options, Rivo was the clear winner"

Start increasing sales through your current customer base