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Increase LTV with a points program that keeps customer coming back to your store
Drive repeat purchases with incentive based perks & exclusive offers
Increase AOV with customizable rewards that encourage "add to cart"
Easy to redeem points that keep customers shopping
Say goodbye to Shopify Scripts and checkout.liquid workarounds
We use Shopify's latest 2024 tech
Customers can redeem right from the checkout
Fully customizable for your needs
Keep your top customers loyal to your store with exclusive perks for VIP tiers
Create action based tiers to reward your customers and build loyalty
Give extra access your best customers with exclusive VIP perks
Stay on brand with completely customizable designs

Loyalty Program

Points Program

Start a points program that rewards customers for their purchases and engagement

Integrate in-store earning through POS

Integrate Shopify point-of-sale (POS) systems to allow customers to earn points for in-store purchases.

Earn points for engaging with your brand

Enable customers to earn points for various touchpoints with your brand, such as sharing content, referring friends, or writing reviews.

Redeem points for store credit

Allow customers to redeem points for store credit – increasing repeat purchases

Social Media integrations

Connect your social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing customers to earn points by engaging with your brand online.

Custom ways to earn points

Create unique ways for customers to earn points, like completing a survey or watching a YouTube video.

Limit redeeming to specific collections

Control where points can be redeemed or spent by limiting them to specific collections or products.

Custom redeeming reward types

Create custom reward options such as free shipping, free products and specific percentage or discounts.

Points expiry

Set points to expire after a specific amount of time. Send customized emails before points will expire to encourage engagement.

Exclude products from earning

Decide to exclude certain products from earning points on your loyalty program

Points for subscriptions

Reward customers with additional points for purchasing subscription products.

Smart rewards logic

Customize all aspects of the rewards logic so you can choose, when, where and how customers redeem their points.

Automated Loyalty Emails

Loyalty activity emails

Send custom emails after each activity made on your loyalty program.

Send emails from your custom domain

Customize your email sending domain so emails are sent from your address

Custom CSS and fonts

Add a unique look to your emails by adding custom CSS and fonts

GDPR compliant email settings

Require opt-in only for points transactional emails so you respect GDPR rules in your local country.

Email branding visual editor

Create visually stunning emails by customizing the color and fonts on your points program

Third party points email integrations

Send your points emails through other apps by connecting with Klaviyo, Drip, Mailchimp, Sendlane and more.

VIP Tiers

Free product per Tier

Offer a free product at different tier levels.

VIP Tiers by amount spent, orders placed or points earned

Categorize your VIP Tiers based on the customer’s activity level on your shop.

Shopify Tags for each Tier

Manage customers within your loyalty program by applying specific tags for each tier or order type in Shopify.

Unique rewards for each tier

Offer different rewards for various membership levels to encourage customers to reach the next tier and enjoy more benefits.

Custom earning rules for Tiers

Reward customers with earning rules, allowing you to create a unique and engaging loyalty program.

Unlimited number of Tiers

Create as many customer reward levels as you need.

Create hidden VIP Tiers

Create a hidden VIP Tiers for a more customizable experience for online and in-store shopping.

On-site embeds

Dedicated Loyalty Page

Showcase your loyalty program and benefits on a dedicated loyalty page, making it easy for customers to understand and join your program.

PDP points embed

Display potential reward points on product detail pages (PDP), encouraging customers to engage and see how many points they can earn on each product they purchase.

Shopify customer accounts loyalty portal

Integrate with Shopify Customer Accounts so customers can manage their loyalty account, track their rewards, and access their benefits.

Floating loyalty launcher

Display a floating loyalty launcher anywhere on your website that matches your brand’s look and feel.

Embedded points balances

Allow customers to view their current points balance directly on your website, giving them a constant reminder of the rewards they can earn and redeem.

Automated Loyalty Prompts

Remind customers using automated notifications about their loyalty points and upcoming rewards right on the cart before they are checking out.

Metrics & Analytics

Points Analytics dashboard

Use your points dashboard to see all points-related activities at a glance.

See top rewards activity

Discover which rewards and activities are most popular in your program.

Points Performance Metrics

Keep track of how well your points program is performing with key metrics.

CSV import and export

Easily import points data from another app, making the transition and replatform to Rivo smooth.

Loyalty Average Order Value (AOV)

Monitor how much customers in the loyalty program typically spend and how that compares to your non-loyalty order AOV.

Detailed points reports

Access detailed reports on points to find trends and understand what rewards are used most.

Loyalty Lifetime Value (LTV)

Understand the total value loyal customers bring to your business over time.

Fully customizable design

Loyalty component library

Choose from our component library and developer toolkit to build your loyalty program without limits.

Branded email campaigns

Use emails to engage customers and fully customize the design with our visual editor.

Fully customizable design

Customize the design of your program exactly how you like, with no Rivo branding.

Add colors, logo & branding

Add your brand's colors, logo, and style to every aspect of your loyalty program.

Custom CSS on everything

Use your own style rules on every part of the page, for a unique look.

Custom fonts

Match your store’s look and feel with custom fonts – or import your own through CSS.

Point of Sale integration (POS)

Earn points through POS

Let your customers earn points for purchases.

Spend points through POS

Add a customer to the Shopify order and allow them to spend their points

Custom POS rewards

Set POS rewards to apply only after POS purchases.

Earn in-store via, online or both

Customize whether customers can earn and spend points in-store, online or both.

Built for developers

Support Documentation

Find all the help you need to start your points program with clear and simple guides.

Rivo Metafields

Use shopify metafield variables to store extra info and show your loyalty data anywhere.

Developer Toolkit

Access points developer tools made just for developers to work easily with our system.

Support Documentation

Get dedicated help and support when you need it, all in one place.


Connect and interact with our platform using a standard way to get data.

Custom Actions

Create custom actions through the Rest API to award points for specific activity and actions.

Javascript API

Use Rivo JS to create custom actions and experiences on your points program.

Scale with your brand

Mobile optimized

Enjoy a seamless experience on all devices with mobile optimization, ensuring your customers can engage with your loyalty program on the go.

Shopify Access control

Manage who has access to your loyalty program within Shopify, giving you control over how it's managed and who can make changes.

White-labeled, no Rivo branding

White-labeled solution that carries only your brand, not Rivo's, for a fully customized look.

Fully automated

Fully automated system that takes care of all the details, letting you focus on building relationships with your customers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No site load times or restrictions, use Rivo with unlimited bandwidth, allowing your loyalty program to grow without limits.

Email GDPR options

Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations through tailored email options, giving you peace of mind that your marketing efforts respect customer privacy and legal requirements.

Built-in fraud and bot protection

Protect your points program with built-in checks to prevent fraud and bots, keeping your program secure from bad actors.

Loyalty member notes

Track special points adjustments by attaching an internal and external note to points balance changes.

Back office management

View & manage customer profiles

Manage loyalty profiles, with a full view of their activity, spending and engagement with your brand.

Manage points balances URL's

Customize the URLs where customers can view and manage their points balances, ensuring a cohesive and branded experience.

Bulk update points and customers

Efficiently update points and customer information in bulk, saving time and ensuring consistent rewards management.

Refund rewards

Manually refund rewards or points for customers from the back end.

Manually issue rewards

Have the flexibility to manually issue rewards to customers, allowing for personalized incentives and special promotions.

One to one sync with Shopify

Customer profiles automatically sync with Shopify for a seamless connection

Change Tier levels

Quickly adjust tier levels to adapt to your business needs, offering new challenges and rewards to keep customers engaged.

Reward for past activity

Easily manage order settings and import past activity for orders placed.

Exclude customer profiles

Choose to exclude specific customer profiles from the loyalty program, providing more control over who can access your rewards and benefits.

Fully Customizable Frontend

Rivo is an open platform, that seamlessly integrates onto your Shopify storefront

Custom Designed Loyalty Page

Our UX designers will create a custom loyalty page for your store showcasing how to use your rewards and referral programs.

Unique On-site Displays

Customize the location & design of your reminders like sign-up popups, instant points redemption, and points earned displays.

Tier-Based Discounts

Offer unique discounts & rewards like free shipping to VIP loyalty members.

Personalized Rewards Widget

Customize your rewards widget UX to encourage engagement with your loyalty program.
Example Shopify store with rewards program

Powerful Backend System

Full control of your program and data at your fingertips
Rivo Loyalty Data

Detailed Analytics

See real-time ROI from your programs at any time. Discover what products and rewards are driving repeat sales.

Customer Admin

Manually grant, redeem and control customer points, store credit and more.

Fully customizable

You have full control over how to customize your program using our in-app page and widget editors.

Customer Insights

Gain full visibility into how your customers engage with your products and activity on your loyalty program.

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