HexClad partners with Rivo to drive over $450K within the first 90 days of launching their referral program

AOV from referred customers
We needed a partner who could help us build out a fully customizable referral program while keeping everything on brand through the customer journey. Rivo knocked this out of the park and helped set us up for success from day one.
Connor Rolain
Head of Growth, HexClad

HexClad Cookware: The Only True Hybrid Cookware

Launched in 2017, HexClad was invented to help every chef feel empowered in the kitchen by providing tools and inspiration that challenge the status quo.

HexClad emerged from the pandemic as a household name in hybrid cookware and continued their explosive growth after their brand ambassador partnership with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, resulting in one of the fastest-growing Shopify brands of all time.


HexClad saw a referral program as a chance to lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) while also boosting customer loyalty

HexClad and Coldbru Digital approached Rivo with a unique idea for a tiered referral program. They wanted their existing loyal customers to earn free gifts by referring friends to HexClad. On top of that, the more friends they referred, the better the gifts would be.

HexClad also saw the program as a chance to introduce a new channel to acquire customers below their blended acquisition cost, with referred customers being incentivized with an initial discount.

The team had a clear vision of what they wanted to implement, but when looking for a partner, they found other vendors weren’t customizable enough to meet their needs.

HexClad had three main requirements when choosing a vendor for their referral platform.

1. A fully customizable referral platform built for Shopify

The program needed to be natively integrated with their Shopify Plus store. Every step in the referral flow needed to be on brand and integrated into their tech stack, from their ESP (Klaviyo) to their post-purchase survey (KnoCommerce).

2. A partner that could scale with their growth.

HexClad needed a partner they could have a voice in the product roadmap but also rely on rock-solid proven tech that could scale to meet their fast-growing brand’s velocity.

3. Robust fraud detection and referral management backend.

Self-referrals are all too common amongst bad actors who want to game referral programs for a quick discount. Most vendors see referral fraud as an afterthought and don't emphasize its impact on a brand's bottom line. HexClad wanted to find a partner to work with that shared its importance. HexClad wanted to use modern fraud prevention tools to prevent bad actors from referring to themselves. Rivo's fraud engine is backed with 20+ fraud prevention checks and is constantly updated.

Having a great business partner is key to getting a loyalty or referral program off the ground. Since the launch of our referral program with Rivo, the entire team has been extremely responsive to customer and agent feedback. Questions are answered within minutes rather than hours or days, and a solution is often delivered soon after. This may not sound like a big deal, but quick responses from our business partners equals faster responses to our customers and higher CSAT scores. I don’t know how many other clients the Rivo team has, but they always make us feel we are priority number one
Michael Ludwig
Director of Customer Service, HexClad

Making referrals another channel in their retention and acquisition stack through a strong offer

HexClad partnered with Rivo to launch their tiered referral program, working with the team through a dedicated Slack channel that Rivo offers all enterprise accounts.

By using Rivo's platform, they rolled out their referral program and gained the following results in the first 90 days.

  • Over $450K in revenue
  • 92X ROI
  • 17% increase in AOV for referred customers

Today, HexClad’s referral program continues to thrive and the Rivo team continues to work closely with HexClad, regularly rolling out updates and support for one of the fastest growing cookware brands in the world.

Visit HexClad’s refer a friend page here

Rivo has been a great partner to us. Beyond being a strong platform, their team is world class. Responsive, insightful, and friendly. Rivo has unlocked some awesome customer behavior for us, including a referral program that drives a $100+ higher LTV than our typical customer. They're a key retention partner for us that we're excited to grow with in the future!
Andrew Windle
Director of Retention, HexClad

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