From billboard to bag – Rareform launches a loyalty & referrals program that increased their 30-day repurchase rate by 26.9% with the help of Rivo & Postscript

Increase in customer repurchase rate in the first 30 days
New members joined on launch weeks
The Rivo team has been extremely accommodating for our brand and loyalty needs. They’re always keeping us up to date with the latest Shopify integrations and ways to boost our retention efforts - definitely a team that works with you every step of the way.
Megan Frentzel
Brand Manager, Rareform

About Rareform

Rareform is a brand committed to repurposing billboards into unique everyday bags and has embarked on a mission to transform the way we think about sustainability. To elevate their business growth and cultivate customer loyalty, Rareform partnered with Rivo, a fully customizable loyalty and referrals platform built exclusively for Shopify. This case study unveils how Rareform harnessed the power of Rivo's platform to overcome challenges, design an impactful loyalty program, and achieve outstanding results in customer engagement and repeat purchases.

The brothers that founded Rareform, Alec and Aric, had an epiphany during a trip to El Salvador years ago. They noticed while traveling that the locals ingeniously repurposed billboards as rooftops – reusing the durable, weather resistant vinyl, typically not recyclable material. Teaming up together, Rareform was born and they developed their first product: a surfboard bag crafted from previously non-recyclable billboard vinyl.

Nowadays, the business recycles 80% of American billboards into repurposed fashion pieces. For the founders, Rareform creates a sense of purpose while illustrating how creativity can breathe second life into otherwise un-recyclable materials.

To date Rareform has repurposed over 294,877 billboards (and counting) and turned them into one-of-a-kind products.

The Problem

Despite their mission resonating with eco-conscious customers, Rareform recognized the importance of implementing a structured loyalty program to incentivize customers and enhance their customer lifetime value (LTV). They sought to reduce customer acquisition costs with Referrals and establish a sustainable customer base that actively participated in their cause.

Rareform approached Rivo to help increase community and belonging to the brand.

Rareform wanted to implement a loyalty program primarily to promote customer repeat rate, develop closer relationships with their customers, and boost overall sales, metrics that are tied intimately to the brand's growth and awareness.

Rareform's Refer a Friend Page

Designing the Program

In close collaboration with Rivo, Rareform designed a loyalty program that catered to its brand identity and targeted customer base. Leveraging Rivo's customizable platform and best practices, together they crafted an innovative program that rewarded customers for their purchases and encouraged referrals. The program features a tiered structure, offering increasingly enticing benefits as customers progressed through different loyalty levels. Additionally, Rivo integrated with sales channels and apps they were already using like Klaviyo (Earn points for signing up for emails), Postscript - (earn points for signing up for texts), Okendo (earn points for leaving a review) and Shopify Flow (award points on every 3rd purchase).

Ways to earn points on Rareform's Loyalty Program

Rareform Email Campaign

Integrating Postscript with Rivo

Rareform wanted to integrate Postscript with Rivo at two levels

  1. Reward Rivo members with points for subscribing to SMS
  2. Use Rivo Properties to create loyalty segments to target specific subscribers

Rareform used Postscript's SMS Subscribe page to reward 100 points through Rivo to subscribers who entered their phone number. From there, they were able to target those who were loyalty members to create segments and campaigns for specific groups of subscribers.

By integrating with Postscript, this enabled Rareform to use their Rivo Loyalty and Referrals data in their SMS marketing campaigns to create a deeper relationship with customers. This connection opens up avenues for targeted promotions to SMS subscribers and creates a tailored experience for loyalty program members.

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Solution & Results

Following Rareform's successful launch and implementation, their loyalty program incentivized customers to make repeat purchases, resulting in a substantial increase in customer retention. Rareform's customer repeat purchase rate increased by an impressive 26.9% showing a significant improvement in customer loyalty and engagement.

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