Custom membership programs built for Shopify Plus

Launch a seamless membership program without relying on legacy workarounds.

- Flate rate of $1,250 p/m
- We onboard cohorts of 4 new accounts p/m


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Leading brands on Shopify Plus trust Rivo to drive retention
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Launch a membership program built for Shopify Plus
No Shopify Scripts, checkout.liquid or any other legacy workarounds that are being wound down
Stackable discounts, checkout extensions, and the tech Shopify Plus has to offer.
Solutions built for 2024 standards. Daily and weekly updates with a vibrant roadmap
Say goodbye to Shopify Scripts
Shopify Scripts are being deprecated as we speak. We don't use any scripts at all.
We use Shopify's latest checkout extension technology to create a seamless experience
We only work with stores with checkout extensibility enabled
Membership programs without the cookie cutter solutions
Work with our implementation team to fully customize your membership program
If it's technically possible... we'll make it happen
Full access to our Rivo Developer toolkit

Cutting edge tech,
even better service

Dedicated service from our implementation and success teams

Full access to our implementation and success teams.

Our success team is comprised of ecommerce success specialists ready to help (a handful ex-Shopify veterans also). We have dedicated Slack channels were issues or questions are resolved in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

Powered by the Rivo Developer toolkit

Read and write access to all of your Rivo data. Create custom workflows that work for your individual use case. Includes Headless support.

Membership Program Requirements

What makes a good fit for a membership program

How we work with brands

Unfortunately, we can't work with everyone. We limit new installations of our membership product to 4 per month to maintain the highest quality support and service possible.

Below are the core requirements of launching a membership program with us:
Brands running on Shopify Plus
Flat rate of $1,250 per month
Brands over $5M GMV
Full access to our success and technical teams via a dedicated Slack channel with speedy SLA's
James Dohm
Rivo COO
Awesome Brand
2 minutes ago
Hey James, wondering if we could hop on a quick call to day to go over our latest update.
"Rivo has been a great partner to us. Beyond being a strong platform, their team is world class. Responsive, insightful, and friendly. Rivo has unlocked some awesome customer behavior for us, including a referral program that drives a $100+ higher LTV than our typical customer. They're a key retention partner for us"
Andrew Windle
Director of Retention, HexClad

Drive recurring revenue and higher purchase frequency from your most loyal customers