Why 23.37% of Patchology customers make second purchases

Repeat Purchase Rate
Increase in Loyalty
We love working with the Rivo team, and growing loyalty and our online sales has been a big win for us this year at Patchology.
Rina Goldman
E-commerce manager

Why 23.37% of Patchology customers make second purchases

Over the past year, Patchology has quickly become one of the Shopify's top performing Skincare retailers because they not only have great products but also because they have a loyal customer base. What makes Patchology so different than the hundreds of other Skincare sellers on Shopify?

1.    Quality, affordable products that stand on their own.

2.    A loyalty program that is accessible, inspirational, and creates incentives for one-time buyers to become long-term subscribers.

When Patchology launched in 2018, they set out with one motto, "Self-care isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s exactly what you deserve". Using this messaging and some revolutionary skin-care technology, they built a strong following on Instagram. But, as many DTC sellers have experienced since the pandemic, reaching your owned audience isn't guaranteed, and social ad costs are Skyrocketing. Seeing how this was impacting their bottom line, the team at Patchology asked themselves, "How do we bring some self-care into our business?" That's when they realized they needed to create a rewards program that incentivized one-time shoppers to become repeat buyers. Or better yet, subscribers!

Turning an impulse buy into a daily routine

Even though the online store had been consistently growing, In 2022, Patchology realized they needed to do something about their CAC/LTV ratio if they wanted to become the profit center they knew they were capable of becoming to do this, they needed to do two things:

1.   Grow Lifetime Value (LTV) and engagement: Patchology needed a solution that would not only drive customer loyalty but also boost engagement and the amount of money each customer would spend over their life.

2.   Reducing the cost to acquire new customers (CAC): Quickly skyrocketing social ad costs were eating into Patchology's profit margins, and the company needed to find a new way to reach customers in a cost-effective way.

A 23.37% repeat purchase rate in 4 months

Knowing that their product and ad costs were nearly optimized,Patchology realized they were going to have to focus on AOV and repeat purchase rate to grow their cashflow. That's when they learned about Rivo loyalty.

A custom loyalty and growth program

Rivo worked with the team to develop a thorough loyalty program that includes a points-based rewards system to drive repeated purchases and a unique referrals program to help them reach the friends of their most loyal customers, a highly qualified new customer source that doesn't require any ad spend!

The PatchLoyalty Points Program

Rivo's platform allowed Patchology to create a customized, tier-based loyalty program that rewarded customers for their purchases, referrals, and social media engagement. The program encouraged customers to earn points by completing simple tasks like making a purchase, leaving a review, or sharing content on social.

Enterprise Referrals

Patchology also utilized Rivo's enterprise referral system to leverage their existing customer base and generate new leads at a lower cost.The referral program incentivized customers to share their love forPatchology's products with friends, family, and social media followers, in return for exclusive rewards and benefits.

In the first 4 months of working with Rivo, Patchology's loyalty points program and enterprise referrals yielded remarkable outcomes:

1.   Increased LTV and engagement: Thanks to the loyalty points program, Patchology’s customers were more invested in the brand, leading to a 23.37% repeat purchase rate and a longer customer lifespan, an 18% increase in customer loyalty since the launch of the points program.

2.   Reduced CAC: The enterprise referral program helped Patchology acquire new customers at a much lower cost than their traditional marketing. Leveraging their existing customer base, they significantly reduced CAC and maximized the return on investment (ROI).

3.   Enhanced Brand Image: The loyalty and referral programs also contributed to a stronger brand image forPatchology. Happy, engaged customers became brand ambassadors, reinforcing the company's presence in the competitive skincare industry and building a deeper bond with their most profitable customers.

Build your loyalty program today

By partnering with Rivo and implementing a loyalty points program and enterprise referrals, Patchology successfully increased sales while reducing costs, demonstrating the power of Rivo's platform in helping brands like Patchology thrive in competitive markets. Want to improve your CAC/LTV ratio and have healthy cashflow instead of increasing ad costs? You need to talk to one of Rivo’s customer retention experts today!

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