10 Free Tools & Resources to Grow your Shopify Store in 2023

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August 28, 2023

We've put together a list of some of our favorite free tools and resources you can use to enhance your Shopify store and grow your brand. Whether you want to generate a color palette for your Rivo Loyalty widget, create a favicon for your store, or write powerful copy for your Cart Recovery notifications, this list has got something for everyone. If you want to save time and money, keep reading!

1. Linkpop - Link-in-bio Tool from Shopify

Linkpop is a free tool developed and recently released by Shopify. This tool works a bit like Linktree - use it to make a shoppable landing page that can be accessed through social media apps. Your customers can use Linkpop to view your other profiles on social media, access links that you want to share, and buy products using shoppable links.

Get Linkpop and check out Shopify's guide on using it here.

2. Koala Inspector

Shopify Spy Tool Koala Inspector Chrome Extension is an innovative e-commerce spy tool that reveals all the secrets behind every Shopify store. This must-have for every dropshipper is entirely free - forever. With just one click, you can discover every strategy the store owner uses, ad campaigns, best-selling products, pricing, and more. Whether you are dropshipping or own your brand for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or another e-commerce platform, with Koala, you can easily understand how to set up your store and manage it.

Check out Koala Inspector

3. The Ultimate List of Powerful Words That Convert

This is an article written for Buffer, a social media marketing company, by their former VP of marketing, and it's an amazing resource that we come back to all the time! It goes over the most powerful words to use in your marketing copy to help get your customer's attention every time. It's pretty in-depth and backed up by a lot of research, to which links are provided, but it's a fun and extremely worthwhile read if you want to take your marketing copy to the next level.

Read Buffer's 189 Powerful Words that Convert.

4. Coolors - Create Color Schemes

We're big fans of this site, and so are the likes of Disney and Netflix, whom Coolors counts among its users. Create color palettes in just a few clicks or browse tons of user-generated and trending palettes. There is a ton of depth to this site - it even has a feature for checking how your color scheme will appear to those with different varieties of color blindness! But if you don't want to go too deep with all the features on offer here, creating a simple palette to use for your site or marketing material is an absolute breeze.

Check out Coolors.

5. Learn with Shopify Courses

One of the reasons behind Shopify's success is the sheer number of free resources the platform provides to give a helping hand to merchants. The Shopify blog, for instance, is one of the best ecommerce blogs out there. These courses from Shopify are another invaluable resource, and all are provided completely free. With topics ranging from Supply Chain & Logistics to UX and Content Marketing, there is bound to be something new here no matter where you are on your Shopify journey.

Browse Shopify courses here.

6. QR Code Generator

This handy little tool is super easy and quick to use. Paste any link into the field at the top of the page and this site will instantly generate a QR code that you can download and share anywhere. They've got some nice styling options too in case you want to jazz things up!

Try link-to-qr.

7. Iconpacks - Free Icons

There's a lot of sites out there for finding and downloading icons but this has to be one of the best. You can use these icons without attribution, totally free and you don't even have to create an account on the site. There's a library of over 12,000 icons to choose from and each icon can be customized and then downloaded in SVG or PNG format. All completely free!

Check out Iconpacks.

8. Pexels - Royalty-free Images

This site curates high-quality, beautiful photos submitted by users and are all available to use completely free. These images are ideal for social media posts and other marketing material. This site has a huge library and each image is available in a variety of sizes and can be downloaded in an instant, with no need to create an account.

Check out Pexels.

9. Adobe - Creative Cloud Express

Produce professional-quality digital content using templates with this brand new app from Adobe. This app gives you access to some of Adobe's most powerful design & editing tools in a much more user-friendly way. It's designed for people like small business owners who want to create professional-looking content online but may not have the skillset and access required for Photoshop or other programs. The free version of this app boasts a large library of images, templates, and fonts while the paid plan unlocks even more content and features for your designs.

Try Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

10. Pablo - Engaging Images in Seconds

If you need to create quality images for social media posts and want to get it done in under 30 seconds, Pablo is the tool for you. Upload your image, or choose from a huge library, add your text, and you're done. Adjusting and editing are also really easy with this intuitive app. And if you have writer's block, there's even an inspirational quote generator that can help you out. This is a great tool for quickly creating engaging content to increase your visibility on social media that leaves you time to focus on other tasks.

Try Pablo.