How to Build a High Converting Shopify Store in 2023

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August 28, 2023

In a recent study by Econsultancy, it was revealed that DTC brands spend up to 95% of their advertising budgets acquiring new customers, and almost nothing to ensure they are checking out. With such a hefty investment in driving traffic to your product details page (PDP), why stop helping customers before the transaction is complete?  

In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a high converting Shopify store in 2023, helping you to guide shoppers all the way through checkout. Allowing you to increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment, while providing some unique ways to drive your repeat purchase rate.  

1. Opt for a high, converting Shopify theme

Selecting the right theme is a pivotal decision when launching your Shopify store. The design you choose sets the tone for your brand, helps you attract customers, and (hopefully) enhances their overall shopping experience. With an extensive range of Shopify store themes available (both free and paid) it is essential to identify the design that will be the highest converting one for your store. You can identify a high converting theme because they tend to have a focus on the following items:  

  • Built-In Conversion Features: The highest converting Shopify themes come with built-in features that are designed to boost sales and improve conversions. Look for elements like prominent call-to-action buttons, product upselling and cross-selling capabilities, customer review integrations, an optimized checkout processes, and easy navigation for shoppers.
  • Mobile friendly design: A in a recent study by Shopify app builder, Plobal Apps, it was discovered that over 80% of online shopping in the US is done not just on mobile, but specifically on apple phones. Knowing that most customers shop on their phones, it’s crucial to not only choose a theme that’s optimized for mobile, but puts mobile first in its design and UX.
  • Customization options: Consider the level of customization offered by the theme. A good theme should provide flexibility for you to choose the colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual elements that march your brand identity. Check if the theme supports the addition of custom sections, banners, and promotional features.

Beae, a top rated store building app on Shopify offers over 400 hi-converting themes, making it an ideal choice for saving time in building your high converting store. To explore Beae’s collection of Shopify themes, visit their Shopify App Store page here.

2. Enhance article content and product images

To improve conversion rates, it’s vital to optimize article content and product descriptions. Before crafting product descriptions, you need to understand your target customers interests and preferences and create copy that will connect with them. Also make sure to highlight the benefits and advantages of your product right from the start... customers often skim through content, like you're likely doing to this article. 

Moreover, incorporating professional, high resolution product images and videos is essential to make your product stand out. Statistics show that product videos can increase conversion rates by up to 150% by providing an immersive and secure shopping experience for customers. 

3. Collect emails and send them special promotions

On-site pop-ups are one of the easiest ways to collect email addresses from potential customers. Many DTC brands add a pop-up window to their home page that asks customers to provide their email address in exchange for a discount or special offer. According to some sellers running on Shopify, adding a email collection pop-up to your Shopify theme can help you increase your leads by up to 500% and improve your checkout rate by 35%. Those numbers seem pretty extreme to us, but by adding an email collection pop-up, Rivo has seen brands cut their CAC by over 50%.  

Rivo popups is the leading email collection tool in the Shopify app store with over 4,000 5-Star reviews. And the best part? It’s 100% free. Click here to add to youShopify theme today. 

4. Transparent shipping cost details

One common frustration of money online shoppers is the uncertainty regarding shipping costs. To mitigate this, provide clear and visible shipping details on your product pages.  

Bonus Tip: Consider offering a fixed shipping rate for all products or incorporating shipping calculators to eliminate surprises. Transparent shipping costs information ensures a smoother customer experience and helps to reduce fall off when customers get to the checkout page.

5. Offer, quick, and responsive support

Prompt customer support can significantly impact purchasing decisions. Make sure your contact information is readily available and easily accessible on product pages. Displaying a phone number for customers to call and utilizing live, chat, functionalities can enhance customer trust and provide immediate assistance.

By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, you can take actionable steps towards building a high, convertingShopify store before the holiday season comes around. Don’t simply consider this price as interesting information start applying these insights to your website, now to improve conversions and drive business growth.