Customize your loyalty program with the Rivo developer toolkit

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August 28, 2023

Rivo is building an open platform for loyalty and reviews, making it the only customer retention platform for Shopify that's completely customizable. This means your engineers can use the Rivo developer toolkit to create custom experiences for your customers by building on top of our platform.

Shopify Metafields Embed

Get instant access to your data inside Shopify

With Rivo's embed for your Shopify store, you can instantly access all your loyalty and reviews data directly inside the Shopify platform so you can know your customers better. Just add your custom data embed code to your Shopify Metafields for real-time access to all your loyalty, rewards, and reviews data.  

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The Javascript Front-End API

Inside our developer toolkit we have a Javascript API to allow developers to extend the functionality of your store with custom page layouts, interactive experiences, and more. These customizations allow you to create on-brand and immersive customer experiences that help build trust and, ultimately, drive repeat purchases.

Here are a couple of ways this API can work for your store

1. Embed a customer's points balance anywhere

With our developer toolkit, you can even let logged-in shoppers see how many points they have on any page, not just at checkout. Check out this video example to see how:

2. Create custom storefront experiences with our Javascript API

Whether you're building fully custom landing pages or a simple earned points embed, use our Javascript API to create custom interactions on your Shopify storefront.

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The REST Back-End API

This back-end API gives you the power to customize your loyalty and reviews program in any way imaginable. Reward your customers with unique incentives for subscribing, reading through your blog content, or just because it's Tuesday - the possibilities of this developer toolkit are endless.

Shopify Plus seller, Dirty Labs, wanted to give extra points to customers who signed up for monthly subscriptions. Using the Rivo developer toolkit, their engineers easily built a custom rewards package for subscribers giving them 50 points for starting a subscription and 20 more for each month they stayed active.

Want to take a look under the hood? Check out this back-end API walkthrough by our CEO &  head of engineering

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How to get started

To take advantage of the Rivo developer toolkit, click here to talk to a customizations expert or if you've already set up your Rivo account, go to the developer's settings page and enable the Shopify Javascript API. Our code will be bundled into your Rivo javascript and instantly available on your store.