How Sesame Street partner Glo Pals utilizes Rivo to drive sales from loyalty

"We wanted a loyalty program that we could roll out to our customers, and that our customers' kids would also engage with. Ana, from the Rivo onboarding team, was fantastic to work with! She was so helpful in making sure our customers were rewarded for past purchases and Rivo’s design team worked to bring our vision to life on our loyalty page. Their dedication helped ensure we were able to launch the program in weeks, not months."
Lexi Bennett
Art Direction Manager

About Glo Pals

The Glo Pals are liquid-activated light-up sensory toys that make bath time fun and educational; one splash at a time. The company is now valued at nearly $20 million.

Glo Pals’ mission is to bring the  magic of childhood and the importance of playtime into ordinary everyday activities. Their inspiration came from a child with autism who was not the biggest fan of taking a bath. His mom used the technology behind Glo Pals to help him through the sensory overload of bath time, influencing Glo Pals’ mission.

For more than four years, Starkville-based Glo has been making a splash in the world of entrepreneurship with its innovative, patented bath toys. Now, through a partnership with Sesame Workshop, the company’s newest Pals resemble residents of a popular street.

Glo Pals is proud to support Batson Children’s Hospital of Mississippi, the state's only children’s hospital, with a portion of every purchase — since 2018, they’ve donated more than $50,000.

Say "hello" to Pal Perks

Glo Pals’ brand is driven by a cross-generational social community. With the bold approach they take to supporting childhood development, they also wanted to create a program to reward their loyal customers and online community. That’s when they turned their attention to Rivo.

Kicking off with an excellent onboarding experience

Glo Pals integrated Rivo’s loyalty and rewards program on their Shopify store, with the goal of bringing more of their customers back to the store and generating higher engagement.

The Glo team was immediately impressed by their Rivo onboarding manager who partnered with the Glo Pals’ creative team to design a branded and beautifully crafted landing page and widget strategically built to encourage customer engagement.

Glo Pals Widget

Glo Pals is a fun, colorful brand with playful and whimsical elements. Rivo’s capabilities checked a crucial box to showcase that. Their team designed custom icons that seamlessly reflected their brand, and they were easy to add to their customer-facing web pages via Rivo’s drag-and-drop page builder.

We’re here to help. It’s what we do.

Glo Pals Reward Page

In an effort to provide exceptional experiences for loyal customers, Glo Pals keeps their community engaged with relevant and exciting perks such as free shipping, discounts, and free products.

A successful launch / first week

Every order is a chance to earn points, and Glo Pals wanted to make sure that customers were awarded by past purchases, to get customers excited about the new program.

Glo Pals sent out an on-brand email to announce the launch of the rewards program to their customer base.

Glo Pals launch email

Rivo’s integrated platform has empowered Glo Pals to easily build a loyalty program that strengthens its brand values and keeps its audience loyal. When a customer signs up for the program, they get a confirmation email sent by Klavyio — an integration powered by Rivo.

The Glo Pals team are thrilled with how quickly and easily they were able to get Rivo’s loyalty program integrated into their shop. They love how seamlessly it runs in the background for both themselves and their loyal customers.

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