Why Way of Wade chose Rivo over Yotpo for their Loyalty program

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“Rivo’s Loyalty program allows you to create your own rewards website that makes it more user-friendly and engaging for our customers. We were in between other apps and Rivo, and we went ahead with Rivo for it’s easiness to add the program to our website without having to do any additional coding.”
Chris Chou
Program Manager

About Way of Wade

Dwyane Wade is an American former professional basketball player. Wade spent the majority of his 16-year NBA career playing Point Guard for the Miami Heat and has led his teams to win three NBA championships.

Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning (China's premier sports brand), first joined forces to start Way of Wade in 2012. Now in their 10th iteration, Way of Wade shoes has transcended beyond the court with global appearances and a best-selling signature shoe line worldwide.

Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr

The Team Wade VIP Tiers

Way of Wade designed a loyalty and rewards program in their Shopify store to empower customers to stay connected with their brand and, more importantly, be rewarded for doing so.

Wade’s program was designed around their essence — they created tiers that reward their top customers with exclusive perks, incentivizing customer spending. Get to know Wade’s Hall of Fame rewards page — every activity customers accomplish as a member, brings them closer to the Hall of Fame.

As they climb the rewards ladder, registered customers get discount coupons and gifts, and priority purchase rights for limited releases.

The Results

In less than a month, Way of Wade nailed it and they got 12% of their customer base to sign up for the loyalty program. 

Out of their sales generated with the program, 78% are driven by retention revenue—orders from customers after interacting with a loyalty program email.

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